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Software testing is the most crucial in website or software development process. Testing is all about identifying faults in a software product. Early planning of the software testing process and testing basing on the user requirements other the client should be done. Testing of a software is done by a software tester. Now there are different methods of testing depending on the tester he or she can test both the structural and the functional features of a software. Software testing can be categorized in the below methods.

Unit testing is a method that tests only a particular set of codes or a specific basic program for the software. Unit testing being the basic testing of a software is done to identify the syntax and the logic errors in a program and the codes that make the program. The testing can be done by a single tester or a group of testers. It is advisable to correct the errors immediately they are identified. Ensure that all errors are eliminated in the unit testing stage.

Integration testing is a category of testing done after combining the basic software units. Integration testing errors can originate from poor testing at the unit testing stage or an error that occurs while integrating the various programs. These group of the integrated units should be functionable and should lack errors. This product is tested using results on the users computer while testing a software is called system testing. The functionality of the system is done in their category of software testing methods.

More on software testing categories is the interface testing. The interface should meet the customers requirements or the agreed requirements. The interface projection should be eye catching for users and easy to understand so as to allow easy marketing of a software developers product. Is the software acceptable by the users and managers of an organization? Is the question to be answered in the acceptance testing. Interviews and questionnaires answering are the main methods used to collect data about the acceptance of the software.

Non-functionality testing can be done to ensure that the software performs as required. This can be done by stressing the system, loading work to the system and assessing the outputs that the system provides. In maintainability testing the recovery of the system is tested and checked by the system tester such that it may reduce the maintainability cost. Compatibility testing can be done either during the system testing or during the system installation phase. The above categories should always be used when testing a software system.